Gardiner Bison Hunt Restriction for 2017-18 Hunt Season


2017 to 2018 Season
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The following are DRAFT restrictions.
Check back for the FINAL.

Due to continued hunter and public safety concerns for concentrated hunter activity in the Beattie Gulch site, the large treaty bison hunting tribes have agreed to reduce their respective hunters at a time in the Beattie Gulch site to 5 hunters per tribe each day or hunt period. Each participating tribe will be required to have a game warden present each day that they have their 5 hunters at Beattie Gulch special management hunt area and the warden will be acting as the lead person to direct their hunter’s activity and to coordinate with the other wardens/tribal hunters each day they hunt.

With each participating tribe limiting the number of hunters or shooters at a time in Beattie Gulch, a system to select those five hunters for each day needs to be set by each tribe and shared between the various wardens overseeing the special hunt area. Each tribe’s Beattie Gulch hunt days can only be during those days they can have a warden present as required. The selection process for CSKT hunters to be authorized for the special management hunt area will be conducted as follows:

  • default_titleAll hunters that have attended a 2017-18 bison hunt orientation class will be eligible to apply for a Beattie Gulch Bison Hunt Authorization and they can apply for the authorization once they have completed the hunt class. Drawing for the 5 hunters/day will be conducted on October 31st and names will be selected to fill each Friday and Saturday starting November 17th through the month of December and on every day (31 days) in January of 2018. If selected hunters do not show up to the Beattie Gulch trailhead parking area at 7 am on the day of their drawn hunt, the CSKT warden may select an alternate hunter from available hunters in the field that day. The alternate hunters will be selected on site (Beattie Gulch Trailhead) on a first come basis starting at 7 am the day of each scheduled hunt day by the CSKT warden on duty for the hunt.
  • default_titleThe Beattie Gulch game warden schedule for the special hunt is set for all Fridays and Saturdays starting November 17th through December, 2017 (14 days) and every day (31 days) in January of 2018. Hunters must sign up for each calendar hunt that that they wish to be drawn for, but will be limited to one day each until all applicants have also drawn at least one day. Once all entered hunters have one draw, hunters would then be eligible for a second hunt authorization day with the same process as the first drawing. Hunters may also put in for a non-scheduled hunt day draw that would occur only when bison are known to be available to hunt in Beattie Gulch and there is a warden available for the unscheduled hunt day. On those days, five hunters would be drawn and contacted on the immediate availability of bison that day or for the next day as planned by the respective hunters.
  • default_titleIf the CSKT warden during an active hunt has to leave the special hunt area, all Beattie Gulch special hunt area hunters will receive general direction from other Tribe’s game wardens in the absence of the CSKT warden.
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Latest Update as of 9-6-17

Yellowstone Bison Hunt

September 2017 through January 2018
Updates, Reminders and Revised Regulations

This is a Treaty Hunt and bad choices made by individuals and their actions can jeopardize our Treaty Rights and the bison hunt for other Tribes and the State as well. During the past bison hunt seasons, numerous incidents and violations have occurred with hunters. Please carefully review these main regulations and updates:

  • default_titleAny hunter convicted of violating any CSKT Tribal or Federal law, when engaged in the Yellowstone Bison Hunt, will lose their respective bison hunting privileges for a minimum of one year and may be revoked for additional years depending upon the violation. Additionally, no hunter shall be eligible for a permit for the bison hunt season until all outstanding citations for violations of prior Yellowstone Bison Hunts have been resolved, including fulfillment of all sanctions imposed upon the hunter by the Tribal Court and/or Tribal Council.
  • default_titleTribal Council authorized two hunt permits per hunter if needed, but you must have the capacity to care for what you take or you will lose that privilege.
  • default_titlePlease harvest bull bison only in West Yellowstone.
  • default_titleThis is a Bison targeted hunt, please refrain from taking other species near the Park, especially Moose or Elk (State has limited or closed most of it’s hunting of Moose near the Park due to extreme low numbers).
  • default_titleForest Service closed lands east of highway 191 and north the town of West Yellowstone to all shooting and lands above the town of Gardiner and near Beattie Gulch have no shooting restrictions.
  • default_titleYou can only hunt on Forest Service property, know your hunt location and Forest Service use regulations for motorized use (off-roading, snowmobiling & ATVs): Forest Service will be enforcing 150 yard no shooting zone surrounding any developed USFS sites and safe food storage standards in bear country (no gut piles within 200 yards of roads and facilities until December 1st).
  • default_titleDo not leave a downed bison unattended or leave gut plies on or near open roads (cut stomach (rumen) open when departing to spread/lower gut pile). There is a 200 yard clean zone along county road facing Beattie Gulch.
  • default_titleIt is illegal to snowmobile without a groomed trail permit West Y. area and on public roads open to wheeled (cars) traffic, other than in the town site of West Yellowstone.
  • default_titleCooperate with all law enforcement officers, stop at hunter checkpoints, and help other hunters in the field (State, Nez Perce, Umatilla, Yakima and Sho-Ban hunters).
  • default_titleCall our Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation Office (883-2888, ext. 7299) for updates before you go and after harvesting a bison, the hunt report card must be turned into the office within 7 days.
  • default_titleBe safe; You Must obey no shooting zones on roads, trails, near houses & towns, structures, campgrounds & trailheads.
  • default_titleThe world is always watching you, act accordingly. Non-CSKT members must be clear of you while you are engaged in the taking of a Bison (stalking and shooting).
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NEW: There is a West Yellowstone fee for a permit for groomed snowmobile trails.

If the webcams don’t come up below, use these links:   West Yellowstone Area Webcam      Gardiner Area Webcam

Webcam at Gardiner, near Electric Peak

Webcam at West Yellowstone along a trailhead near the Park boundary

Emergency Contact Information

Tribal Game Wardens will patrol the hunt area and assist in the enforcement of all applicable hunting and hunter laws. Wardens will also respond to bison hunt emergencies. Hunters may also contact the Gallatin County Sheriff’s Dispatch (for areas west of Yellowstone National Park) or the Park County Sheriff’s Dispatch (for areas north of Yellowstone National Park) in the event of an emergency.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks will not direct hunters to the location of bison in the field or assist with the field dressing and retrieval of bison.

Tribal Game Warden Information:
Pablo Espinoza TR-1
Brandon Couture TR-4
Calvin Bourdon TR-5
Dan McClure TR-6
Tom Haynes TR-8
Willie Burke TR-12
Tribal Dispatch: 406-675-4700
Tribal Game Warden Office Number: 883-2888 ext. 7270

Other Emergency Contacts:
1-800-TIP-MONT --- 1-800-847-6668
Hebgen Lake Ranger District 406-823-6961
Gallatin County Sheriff’s Dispatch: 406-582-2124
Gardiner Ranger District 406-848-7376
Park County Sheriff’s Dispatch: 406-222-4172
The Division of Fish, Wildlife, Recreation and Conservation is open Monday through Thursday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Bison hunt hot line
For updated bison availability from the field, call the bison hunt information hot line at 406-275-2848.

Confederated Salish Kootenai Tribes

Off-Reservation Bison Hunt

Welcome to the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes’
Off-Reservation Bison Hunt Web-Based Orientation.
We encourage you to read the materials on every page
of this website and watch the Orientation Videos and the Powerpoint.

Remember, this is a Treaty Hunt. Bad choices made by you or another individual in your group can jeopardize our Tribes’ treaty rights and those of other tribes as well. So it is crucial that you hunt in an ethical way and abide by all Tribal, state and federal regulations governing hunting, camping, and any other activities you are engaged in. As you go through the materials on this website, if you find material you want to print a hard copy of to refer to later, just click on the printer icon () at the bottom of each page.

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Bison Hunt Hotline — 406-275-2848 — Call for Updates